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ACFsAcademic Clinical Fellows
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BRUBiomedical Research Unit
BRCBiomedical Research Centre
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CTUsClinical Trials Units
CTFsClinical Trials Fellowships
CSRComprehensive Spending Review
CSPCoordinated System for gaining NHS Permission
CRNCCClinical Research Network Coordination Centre
CRNClinical Research Networks
CRFsClinical Research Facilities for Experimental Medicine
CRDCentre for Reviews and Dissemination
CPRDClinical Practice Research Datalink
CLRNsComprehensive Local Research Networks
CLAHRCsCollaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care
CLClinical Lectureships
CCRNComprehensive Clinical Research Network
CATClinical Academic Training Programme
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DRNDiabetes Research Network
DHDepartment of Health
DeNDRONDementias and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network
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EMEEfficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme
ECMCsExperimental Cancer Medicine Centres
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FPFellowship Programme
FAQsFrequently Asked Questions
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HTMRHubs for trials methodology research
HTCsHealth Technology Co-operatives
HTAHealth Technology Assessment Programme
HSPHealthcare Scientists Programme
HSCHorizon Scanning Centre
HS&DRHealth Services and Delivery Research Programme
HRAHealth Research Authority
HITFHealthcare Industries Task Force
HICFHealth Innovation Challenge Fund
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ISInformation Systems Programme
IRASIntegrated Research Application System
INVOLVEINVOLVE national advisory group
IATIntegrated Academic Training Programme
i4iInvention for Innovation Programme
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KMFsKnowledge Mobilisation Fellowships
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LS&DPLeadership Support & Development Programme
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MRPMethodology Research Programme
MHRNMental Health Research Network
mCTAmodel Clinical Trial Agreement
MCRNMedicines for Children Research Network
mCIAmodel Clinical Investigation Agreement
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NRESNational Research Ethics Service
NOCRINIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure
NIHR-TCCNIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre
NIHR-CCFNIHR Central Commissioning Facility
NIHRNational Institute for Health Research
NETSCCNIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre
NCRNNIHR Cancer Research Network
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OSCHROffice for Strategic Co-ordination of Health Research
OGDOther Government Department
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PSTRCPatient Safety Translational Research Centre
PRPPolicy Research Programme
PICTFPharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness Task Force
PHRPublic Health Research Programme
PGfARProgramme Grants for Applied Research Programme
PDGProgramme Development Grants
PCTPrimary Care Trust
PCRNPrimary Care Research Network
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RTFsResearch Training Fellowship
RSSResearch Support Services
RPsResearch Professorships
RPResearch Passport
RLOResearch Liaison Officer
RfPBResearch for Patient Benefit Programme
RDSResearch Design Services
RCFResearch Capability Funding
RAEResearch Assessment Exercise
R&GRegulatory and Governance
R&DResearch and Development
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SSCRSchool for Social Care Research
SSCRSchool for Public Health Research
SRNStroke Research Network
SPCRSchool for Primary Care Research
SDOService Delivery and Organisation programme
SBRCSpecialist Biomedical Research Centre
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TRPsTranslational Research Partnerships
TARsTechnology Assessment Reviews
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UKCTGUK Clinical Trials Gateway
UKCRNUK Clinical Research Network
UKCRCUK Clinical Research Collaboration
UKCCUK Cochrane Centre
UK CRGsUK Cochrane Review Groups