Translational Research Partnerships

NOCRI has established two Translational Research Partnerships (TRPs). Established at the request of the life-sciences industry, these internationally unique Partnerships are designed to help companies address challenges in an evolving drug, device and diagnostic development model to meet real patient needs.

The TRPs combine the finest minds and capabilities from 36 universities and NHS organisations in order to drive translational research. Typically, this involves phase I and II proof of concept clinical drug trials, and other well designed studies for medical technology and diagnostics applications. Their scope also includes earlier stages of translation from the laboratory to the clinic, including preclinical models of disease, validation and optimisation of biomarkers. Study design is informed by formidable expertise and capabilities, including:

  • cutting edge expertise in exploratory development protocols, biomarkers, pathophysiology, disease mechanisms and patient selection
  • expertise at the interface of pre-clinical and clinical research, including pre-clinical models of disease, human disease tissues and validation and optimisation of biomarkers
  • enabling technologies and infrastructure, including advanced imaging, biobanks and
  • dedicated research facilities
  • cohorts of well-characterised patients available for clinical development studies.

The TRPs are supported by streamlined and efficient business processes, using standard contracts and unified operating procedures. They are strongly positioned to ensure scientific ideas are applied to patient need earlier than would otherwise have been possible, by concentrating expertise and fast-tracking ideas. There are currently two in operation:

Research centres that make up the TRPs have been selected to work together based on their proven ability to deliver in experimental medicine and translational research. As members of a Partnership, each centre has committed to work with industry through NOCRI - their consistent, single point of contact.

All participating centres work to a set of unified and streamlined operating procedures that are supported by a dedicated team within NOCRI. Together, this enables us to define, design and deliver research projects better and faster through improved communication with industrial partners and a cost-effective delivery model.

Further information:

NIHR briefing document