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  developing leaders in clinical and applied health and social care research

NIHR Senior Investigators 

Senior Investigators are the NIHR’s pre-eminent researchers and represent the country’s most outstanding leaders of clinical and applied health and social care research. Senior Investigators are fundamental to the formation of the NIHR Faculty.  

Over two hundred NIHR Senior Investigators have been appointed through annual competitions informed by the advice of an international expert panel. Further rounds of the competition will be held to maintain numbers at this level. The Senior Investigator Directory, updated on the 1st April each year, provides details of these individuals.

Senior Investigators receive an award of £15,000 a year as a personal discretionary fund, and attract additional NIHR Research Capability Funding to the main NHS organisation with which they hold a contract of employment or an honorary contract.  

NIHR Senior Investigators form the NIHR College, a prestigious body with a programme of events. Senior Investigators:  

  • provide research leadership to the NIHR Faculty, promoting clinical and applied research in health and social care
  • help in planning and speaking at events
  • will host visiting fellows and mentor Trainees
  • constitute a network of experts, able to provide advice to the Department of Health's Director General for Research and Development.

    8th NIHR Senior Investigators competition 
    The NIHR eighth annual competition for Senior Investigators will be announced mid-May 2014. Leading researchers funded by the NIHR or the Department of Health’s Policy Research Programme (and who are employed by an NHS Trust, university or charity based in England) are encouraged to apply.

    NIHR 2014 Senior Investigator competition results announced
    Fifty-four Senior Investigators have been appointed - 16 new appointees, and 38 current or previous holders of the award. The total college now stands at 201 NIHR Senior Investigators.

    An independent expert panel Chaired by Professor Sir Alex Markham advised on the appointments. These are made according to criteria of quality and volume of internationally excellent research; its relevance to patients; and the public; impact on improvements in healthcare and public health; research leadership including contribution to NIHR; engagement of patients and the public and engagement of healthcare policy makers and planners with their research.

    The first NIHR Senior Investigators Emeritus are created this year. Senior Investigators are able to occupy their positions for no more two terms, in order to ensure turnover. This creates opportunities for new researchers to participate in NIHR at this level, incentivising the research community whilst maintaining the College of Senior Investigators at a manageable size. The new Emeritus status applies only whilst the holders remain in substantive employment. It is a considerable achievement to attain Emeritus status, holders having succeeded twice in open competition and completed two terms as a Senior Investigator.

    NIHR Senior Investigators and Senior Investigators Emeritus are listed below. Their full details will be available from 1st April 2014 on the NIHR Senior Investigators Directory.

    Senior Investigators events
    The NIHR College of Senior Investigators hold an annual event, every autumn, to allow Senior Investigators to network with their colleagues learn more about the wide-ranging work of the NIHR and act as ambassadors for the NIHR. You can read about past events on the NIHR Events page.

    NIHR given nominating body status by ACCEA
    The NIHR was awarded nominating body status by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) in 2009. In 2013 the NIHR will again focus on NIHR Senior Investigators. The NIHR has completed its panel for the 2013 awards.

    College of Senior Investigators

    Senior Investigators - list of seventh round appointments March 2014
      Senior Investigators - list of sixth round appointments, March 2013
      Senior Investigators - list of fifth round appointments March 2012
      Senior Investigators - fifth round research fields chart March 2012
      Senior Investigators - list of fourth round appointments March 2011
      Senior Investigators - list of third round appointments March 2010
      Senior Investigators - list of second round appointments March 2009 
    Senior Investigators - list of appointments March 2008
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