About i4i

i4i vision

To transform health and healthcare through applied R&D and the provision of business advice to the medical technology professionals i4i funds.

i4i mission

To advance the translation of healthcare technologies for increased patient benefit through the guided progression of innovative medical product prototypes.

i4i strategic goals

To achieve this we will:

  1. establish i4i as a leading patient-focused source of translational R&D funding and structured support for academics, clinicians and industry in England
  2. increase the due diligence in i4i R&D funding decisions by interviewing project teams as a required step before full applications for funding are approved
  3. adopt a flexible and broad range of funding options to address the needs of innovative projects and successful applicants to the programme
  4. adopt a proactive approach to portfolio management to fully support new technologies, through guidance and mentoring by an experienced Leadership Team to maximise the potential for promising technologies to be successfully translated
  5. involve a broad range of NHS proponents of applied technology and experienced life science professionals to advise the i4i programme and its project portfolio
  6. seek to assign specialist business/R&D support at key hurdles or milestones, so that novel healthcare products ultimately stand a better chance of getting to market
  7. act as sound custodians of public money for public good.