i4i Challenge Awards

Challenge awards are based on themed calls in areas of existing or emerging healthcare need. These late stage awards must comprise the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or interventions, requiring minimal preclinical development. Applications must be based on a working prototype or proven concept with a strong evidence base.

Minor or incremental changes to technologies in current clinical use are outside the remit of i4i Challenge awards. The expected output is a disruptive technology with the potential to offer improved outcomes for NHS patients. 

Lead applicants must be from NHS organisations or other NHS service providers.

Essential requirements for Challenge awards

  •          Any R&D activities must be within the scope of our funding programmes (see What we fund).
  •          A minimum of two organisations must be involved.
  •          The lead organisation must be an NHS organisation or NHS service provider.
  •          Lead applicants must be based in England.
  •          Work packages must not include animal studies.
  •          Projects must be based on a working prototype or preclinically validated concept.
  •          Clinical utility studies must form an integral part of the project plan.


The next Challenge Awards call will be launching towards the end of 2016.