Programme Grants for Applied Research

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Programme Grants aim to produce independent research findings that will have practical application for the benefit of patients and the NHS in the relatively near future. Programme Development Grants are a complementary scheme to allow investigators to undertake preparatory research that will position them to submit a competitive Programme Grant application. 

To apply or to manage your existing award please follow the link on the right to the Research Management System.

Director's message

Programme Director Professor Paul Little announced significant changes to the programme in his inaugural message in 2013. Read message or view podcast below. 


In 2013, the Programme Grants for Applied Research Journal joined the suite of open access peer reviewed journals published in the NIHR Journals Library.


The review of the first six competitions and 100 awards features case studies from eight researchers across a broad range of health research including dementia, children's medicines, diabetes and trauma. Download a PDF copy of the review by clicking on the link below. 

Download PGfAR Review Document