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News: NIHR Open Data Platform - Extended CSP Reporting


NIHR Open Data Platform - Extended CSP Reporting 

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NIHR Open Data Platform - Extended CSP Reporting 

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The NIHR announce a new release of CSP Reporting on the Open Data Platform (ODP).
Improvements include:

* Metrics on HLO4 – Time to Complete NHS Permission at a study level.
* Further consistency between the circulated reports and reporting on ODP.
* Use of date study-wide governance complete as the end date for study- wide processes for studies that do not go through NIHR CRN Portfolio adoption, e.g. BRU/BRC studies.

For further details on any of these improvements please contact the NIHR ODP team at ODP@nihr.ac.uk.
These improvements will mean that the ODP now provides all of the information previously circulated in the manual monthly reports.

NIHR CRNCCC will also shortly be setting up the first CSP Reporting Working Group.  This group will steer development of CSP Reporting on ODP.  It will consider and prioritise any requested changes and determine other areas for development.   If you are interested in participating in this group then email ODP@nihr.ac.uk.

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