Our Faculty

BRU Seminar Jan 2014

The Faculty is at the heart of the NIHR. It includes all of the NIHR funded people working in the NHS, universities and registered charities in England, who generate research ideas in clinical and applied healthcare research, lead or support this research, and evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare interventions and policies.

Through the Faculty the NIHR brings together diverse groups of people, working to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research. Being part of the NIHR offers Faculty members the prestige of working in a national, globally unique, health research system. It offers career pathways in research and provides training and development opportunities.

Faculty membership also brings individuals into a network of committed people who are striving to improve health and care through research, and provides the practical support needed to get research done. NIHR’s people are vital for delivering high quality research and developing and sustaining the health research system for the future.

NIHR Faculty goals

  • Build a leading research capability to attract, develop and retain the best clinical, health service and public health research professionals with a national collegiate 
  • Focus the talents of Faculty members on health research that meets the current and future needs of patients and the public
  • Value both leaders and collaborators in health research
  • Provide support to the academic training paths for all healthcare professionals and other key disciplines involved in health and social care research.