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  commissioning and funding research focusing on improving outcomes for health and social care
Research Programmes hub

The Research Programmes hub provides overarching information about the NIHR’s research programme activities including:

·  Commissioned research topics

·  Themed calls for research proposals

·  Researcher-led research

·  Current NIHR-funded Commissioned and Researcher-led research

·  Timing of calls for proposals


NIHR commissioned research topics
The NIHR has the following commissioned research topics:

·    Health Technology Assessment

·    Health Service and Delivery Research

·    Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation

·    Public Health Research 

·    Invention for Innovation - Challenge Awards

The NIHR also funds research under these programmes in response mode.


Themed calls for research proposals
The NIHR occasionally launches themed calls for research proposals in response to recognition of the need for an increase in research-based evidence in a particular topic.

Open and scheduled themed calls:

·   Primary Care

·   Antimicrobial resistance    

NIHR Themed calls: past, present and planned spreadsheet


NIHR Response Mode Research
The NIHR has a number of Responsive Mode or Researcher-led research programmes that support high quality research in all areas of health and social care research:

·   Invention for Innovation

·   Research for Patient Benefit

·   Programme Grants for Applied Research

·   Programme Development Grants

·   Public Health Research

·   Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation

·   Health Service and Delivery Research

·   Health Technology Assessment – Clinical Evaluations and Trials

Current NIHR-funded Commissioned and Researcher-led projects

·   Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation projects

·   Health Services & Delivery Research projects

·   Health Technology Assessment projects

·   Invention for Innovation projects

·   Programme Grants for Applied research projects

·   Programme Development Grants projects

·   Public Health Research projects

·   Research for Patient Benefit projects


Timing of calls for proposals

NIHR Evaluation Trials and Studies managed programmes funding timetable

NIHR Central Commissioning Facility managed programmes funding timetable 

Latest NIHR calls for proposals