Additional NIHR Research Support Services framework tools

In May 2011 the Government launched the NIHR Research Support Services framework of good practice and standard procedures to facilitate consistent local research management and greatly improve performance. NHS Trusts which adopt these standards will stop unnecessary duplication of checks.

In August and November 2013 we published additional framework tools and information:

  • A set of practical competencies and induction material which help an effective research support team to know, understand and be able to do what needs to be done to provide an effective service for health research in an organisation
  • An improved planning tool to identify more clearly the risks and mitigating actions when deciding whether to say yes, no or maybe to host a health research study
  • A set of improvement stories written by NHS colleagues to help Trusts understand the imperatives for improving performance in research initiation and delivery and to take action to do so.

These tools and information has been developed by a group of experienced R&D Managers (Champions for Research Support) to help research and development staff to proactively manage the whole research study pathway from initiation to delivery in an environment of faster, easier research.

Competencies and induction material and planning tool can be found on the NIHR Research Support Services Framework page.