Advisory Group Member Application Form 2017 - Panel or Board Member


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Role/s for which you wish to be considered

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Contact Details

Primary (work) details

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Professional Details

3a. Summary

Please summarise your knowledge, skills and experience using up to five key words or phrases (such as service management, health economics, questionnaire design, paediatrics, obesity etc.) in the spaces below. The words you provide should summarise your content knowledge as well as any relevant research methods expertise.

3b. Research methodology skills

If applicable, please list the research methodology skills in which you have reached a strong level of competency. (Maximum 2000 characters).

3c. Knowledge, skills and experience

Please detail your specialist knowledge, skills and experience and how they demonstrate your suitability for an advisory group chair role, referring to the criteria in the person specification. (Maximum 5000 characters)

3d. Additional question for applicants to any HTA Board

Experience of reviewing for the HTA programme is a requirement when applying for membership of any HTA Board. Please detail your HTA reviewing experience if applicable. (Maximum 5000 characters)


Panel or board membership

4a. Current or previous memberships

Please provide details of any current or expired panel or board membership for the NIHR or other research funders within the last 3 years. (Maximum 5000 characters)

4b. Other applications

Have you recently applied for any other panel or board member positions with other funders which may affect your ability to take a role if offered?

Other applications

If yes, please give details where possible (Maximum 2000 characters)


Getting involved in reviewing

From time to time we invite people with relevant knowledge and expertise to undertake reviews for NIHR programmes on the content of short briefing papers, proposals for research, and final reports of research findings.


If you do not wish to be contacted about reviewing please tick here:

We publish an annual list of reviewers who have completed a review for us during the past year. If you are asked ot review, your contribution as a reviewer will be acknowledged on our website as a gesture of our appreciation. We will list your name, and ensure that there is no indication of the reviewing task that you completed. If you would prefer us not to publish your details, please indicate this by ticking here:

*Please note applicants in receipt of NIHR funding are obliged to review for NIHR


Please tell us how you heard about our panel and board member opportunities

I heard about the NIHR vacancies through...

Supporting documents

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