Boards and panels

Managing the NIHR's strategic direction and priorities

NIHR Advisory Board

The NIHR Advisory Board’s role is to advise on improving the culture and performance of health and social care in supporting, conducting and hosting research.

The Board supports the NIHR in meeting the research needs of health and social care and to play its part in contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Membership of the Board includes NHS chief executives, representatives of key bodies in health and social care as well as leaders of academic organisations and representatives from patient focused organisations.

NIHR Strategy Board

The NIHR Strategy Board advises on strategic issues relating to the management of the NIHR and the implementation of NIHR’s strategic plans. It helps to ensure that the NIHR acts as one entity and communicates effectively both externally and internally. The Board includes directors of the NIHR coordinating centres and programmes and the senior management team of the Department of Health’s Research and Development Directorate.

Four major projects will be progressed during 2016/17 to enhance NIHR’s existing management and delivery of research.

Growth 2 – will be building on current activities that support NIHR’s contribution to economic growth.

Push the Pace – will take forward the recommendations from the Push the Pace project to reduce the research pathway by 20 months.

Health and care system engagement – will deliver a targeted engagement exercise between NIHR and the Health and Social Care System. 

Digital research eco-system – will make the NIHR the first fully digital research-enabled ecosystem, capitalising on the current information system infrastructure to provide a future vision of what good looks like in digitisation in the next five years.

Funding decisions for NIHR research programmes

Programme boards and panels

Funding recommendations to the Department of Health are made by our Programme Directors and independent experts including members of the public.

Details of membership and funding decisions for each research programme are available through the Programme boards and panels section.

If you are interested in joining one of our boards or panels please take a look at our advisory group opportunities.