Public Involvement Virtual Network

Involving the public in our work is a key organisational goal for NIHR and NETSCC. The PPI team have established a diverse team of people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences who are available to give our staff a quick response and input into one-off pieces of work.

They are called the Public Involvement Virtual Network (PIVIN).

Work already completed by PIVIN members include:

  • Commenting on NIHR public reviewer guidance.
  • Contributing to the re-development and evaluation of the NIHR website.
  • Commenting on various procedures, policies and guidance.
  • Taking part in the co-production of some interactive learning materials.
  • Writing a (one-off) blog for the website about a public contributor’s own experience of being involved.
  • Contributing to a helpful list of Top Tips for reviewers and discussing the format.

Gemma House,  NETSCC PHR funding senior research manager, has previously approached the group for their feedback on her work:

‘Two members of the PIVIN group commentated on the revised Application and Funding external reviewer draft emails templates. Their comments were very useful and helped sculpt the emails into a more acceptable and friendly format.’ 

PIVIN group member Dave Green said:

‘The work so far has been very interesting. I’ve made a number of contributions to the Top Tips for reviewers and I've  proof read an NIHR leaflet on how the public can make research suggestions. My interests are in all aspects of PPI with a special interest in how PPI is incorporated into research teams.’ 

Public PIVIN members will serve for a limited tenure. We will advertise here and in our NIHR Patients and the Public Newsletter for further members as vacancies become available.