NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre

TCC makes training awards to researchers whose work focuses on people and patient-based applied health research. We fund this research training in order to build a leading NHS Research Faculty, develop research careers, research leaders and collaborators. This research capacity development is managed by TCC and funded by the Department of Health. 

The research must be relevant to the NHS, focused on the current and future needs of patients and the public and expected to have an impact within five years of its completion. The NIHR does not fund basic research or work involving animals and or animal tissue.

There are a large range of awards available at different levels and to suit different work arrangements, types of NHS staff and career paths.

Training Programmes

The programmes comprise:

We also provide ongoing training and support to trainees including:

Patient and Public Involvement

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is an integral part of TCC’s funding decision process and is a key element of the additional training provided to early career researchers who hold our awards.

Engaging patients and members of the public in research leads to treatments that meet their needs, is more reliable and more likely to be put into practice. Find out more about how to get involved in research.

Researchers should go to Involving the public for ideas about how to involve patients and other members of the public.

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The NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre is based in Leeds at the following address:
Leeds Innovation Centre
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