NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure

The NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI) has been set up to help public, charity and industry research funders work in partnership with NIHR infrastructure. Equally, it ensures that NIHR-supported Centres, Units, Facilities and Networks can work together to help drive the flow of innovative research for patient benefit.

NOCRI's role is to:

  • Champion and support cross-infrastructure working, where this adds significant value.
  • Strengthen enduring relationships between the NIHR, NHS, NHS/university partnerships and biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies and contract research organisations.
  • Promote and enhance the nation’s reputation as a world-class centre for applied clinical research, as well as supporting how the NIHR contributes to Growth.
  • Maximise the impact of the NIHR as a whole, by leading work to shorten the time it takes to develop new therapies and medical technologies.

NOCRI support to the NIHR infrastructure:

  • NOCRI is in a unique position to support the establishment of national collaborations within the NIHR infrastructure. We look for opportunities where collaborations bring added value and overcome disease and technical challenges
  • NOCRI supports the development of infrastructure collaborations in areas including rare diseases, dementia, nutrition, HIV, cancer and nutrition, and statistics
  • NOCRI can link together relevant parts of the NIHR infrastructure (e.g. existing collaborations and/or groups)
  • NOCRI helps companies work with the right people within the NIHR infrastructure and makes it easy for infrastructure and industry to work together We have an overview of what you have to offer and promote that to industry through the media, case studies, local and international conferences and one-to-one meetings.
NOCRI support to industry:

NOCRI is a unique resource for the global life sciences industry - improving the quality, efficiency and success of translational research.  We enable this by providing:

  • fast and easy access to the UK's clinical research infrastructure
  • rapid connection to expert investigators and cutting edge technologies
  • tools and processes to support collaborative research

In early-phase clinical research, NOCRI provides connections to the country's experimental medicine experts who can help companies understand the potential of their developmental drugs, devices and diagnostics, shortening cycle times and enabling earlier go/no go decisions.

In later-phase research, NOCRI provides rapid links to the NIHR's Clinical Research Network which ensures efficient and effective delivery of larger and multi-centre clinical studies.


NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)
tel: +44 20 3794 7380
twitter: @NIHR_NOCRI

Further information:

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