Our Structure

The NIHR is a whole health research system designed to fund leading-edge scientific research, drive faster translation of basic science discoveries into tangible benefits for patients and create the best possible conditions for inward investment by the life-sciences sector.

We organise our work under six broad themes.

1. Funding research

Funding research to improve the health of patients, the public and overall health and care services



2. Translating discoveries

Translating discoveries into breakthrough, practical products, treatments, devices, procedures and interventions for clinicians and other users of research evidence



 3. Training researchers and leaders

Training and developing researchers to keep the nation at the forefront of international research



 4. Economic growth

Working with the life sciences industry to help patients gain earlier access to breakthrough treatments and to encourage broader investment in, and economic growth from, health research




5. Research in the NHS

Ensuring the NHS is able to support all research funders, such as the life sciences industry, charities and public funders, to benefit patients, the public and the health and care system



 6. Public involvement and participation

Involving patients and the public across all of our work and enabling patient participation in research



We are structured so that our health research activities can be managed through four complementary work strands:

  • Infrastructure: providing the facilities and people for a thriving research environment
  • Faculty: supporting the individuals carrying out and participating in research
  • Research: commissioning and funding research
  • Systems: creating unified, streamlined and simple systems for managing research and its outputs.

We work in partnership with many sectors including other Government funders, academia, charities and industry.

The Department of Health and Social Care's Areas of Research Interest are posted under our Research priorities

We address our vision and mission and embrace all health and care therapeutic areas.

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