NIHR trials coordination

The NIHR has developed activity concerned with the coordination of its randomised trials portfolio.  NIHR Randomised Trials Coordination work provides a level of awareness and focus for NIHR trials activity. A focus on information sharing and awareness, coordination and maximising synergies across the NIHR is a key component.

Coordination activities focus around two main areas:

  • Portfolio awareness and reporting (including development, refinement and improvement of reporting and information across NIHR Programmes and funding streams.
  • Methods in Research (including development and signposting of key NIHR documents, guidance and expectations in the design, conduct and reporting of trials.

Methods in research

A key aspect of NIHR Trials Coordination is concerned with ‘Methods in Research’. This development is intended to provide the NIHR research community with key information and resources regarding NIHR randomised trials activity.

This section provides researchers with information and resources concerned with good practice in randomised trial design and conduct, key research publications and examples of innovative trial designs or methodologies.

Portfolio awareness and reporting

The NIHR, as the main public funder of trials in the UK and a world leader in research, is considering reporting arrangements for trials activities.  This activity seeks to improve the information available on the NIHR trials portfolio.