How we can help

We offer high quality, responsive, specialist advice and support on research design and methodology, to researchers making funding applications for submission to national, peer-reviewed funding competitions for applied health or social care research.

We could help your team with:

How we can help
  • designing a study
  • research methods (qualitative and quantitative)
  • identifying suitable sources of funding
  • involving patients and public in research design
  • identifying potential academic, clinical and lay collaborators
  • identifying and refining the research question
  • medical statistics
  • health economics
  • advice on common pitfalls
  • interpreting feedback from funding panels.

Who we can help

We can help you if you are:

Who we can help
  • developing grant applications for applied health or social care research
  • applying for personal fellowships
  • writing applications to national, open, peer-reviewed funding streams.

We support a broad range of people, including:

  • doctors, nurses and allied health professionals
  • patients and service users
  • academics and NHS and social care managers.

Our priority is to support applications to NIHR funding programmes. We also support applications to Research Councils and other open, national, peer-reviewed funding programmes. Find out more about eligibility.

Why choose us

RDS why choose us


Our research advisers offer a unique breadth of expertise and a proven track record in improving research applications.


We can help you to identify possible gaps in your research team and collaborators who can add value to your research, including health and social care clinicians, policy makers, academic researchers and patients and the public.

Tailored support

We can offer support tailored to the needs of your research team. Advice is available at face-to-face meetings, by telephone or email, at research clinics or as feedback from panel review meetings.

When to contact us

To make the most of the RDS, you should contact us as early as possible.