The NIHR Hub is a multifunctional collaboration tool that enables researchers and staff work together securely across the NIHR on both research projects and the administration of research. Features of the Hub include:

  • a corporate email
  • video conferencing
  • a Directory of users
  • tools to create and collaborate on the production of documents and materials such as research protocols and appropriate data sets.

Anyone who receives NIHR funding or whose salary is in part or in full paid by the NIHR is eligible for a Hub account.

The Hub:

  • provides the public internet facility for all NIHR organisations
  • supports individuals who are already involved, or who would like to become involved, in health and social care research, including researchers, R&D managers, policy makers, patients, service users and the public
  • provides a unified interface for information required for ethics review, NHS site-specific permissions and regulatory authorisation of clinical trials
  • gives easy but secure access to information, documents, guidance and people to help investigators and R&D managers work collaborative, efficiently and consistently in real time
  • offers a central resource of information on each study’s design, organisation and progress to facilitate R&D management and inform the public
  • aims to be the primary online communications channel for the whole of the NIHR.

If you have difficulty accessing the Hub through local firewall settings you can access a letter sent from the Department of Health and Social Care to all NHS Chief Executives and University Chancellors requesting that the firewall settings be reconfigured.