NIHR Information Systems

The NIHR has, and continues, to develop web-based systems that retain the information required to manage health and social care research in England. The systems have been designed and built to make the processes of information input, retrieval and dissemination safe, secure, faster and easier for everyone involved. This will improve both the data accuracy and the efficiency of the NIHR as well as  its relationships with other research organisations.

All organisations and individuals in England, and their research partners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who provide care, fund research, employ researchers or review or regulate research and have a recognised and appropriate need may have access to them.

The approach is based on an agreed set of Data Standards overseen by the NIHR Design Authority which has been established to ensure integration across all NIHR systems. The main functions of the systems are:

  • this website  which acts as the primary public and stakeholder facing  information presence for the NIHR

  • a multifunctional collaboration tool called the NIHR Hub to enable researchers and staff work together securely across the NIHR on both research projects and the administration of research, providing:

    • corporate email
    • video conferencing
    • a Directory of users
    • tools to create and collaborate on the production of documents and materials such as research protocols and appropriate data sets

  • a Central Portfolio of NIHR research

  • A service to collate data from all the NIHR coordinating centres to produce a consistent oversight of the performance of the NIHR

  • A system that enables patients, the public and clinicians to search for information about ongoing clinical trials that may be of interest to them or which they may wish to participate in.

All the information systems within the NIHR are overseen by the NIHR Information Strategy Board which is working to implement the NIHR Information Strategy published in 2013. Wider updates on progress are also provide in the regular NIHR Briefing document 5.2.