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The NIHR's mission is to improve the health and wealth of the nation.

Funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, we invest over £1 billion a year in research that provides people working in the front lines of the NHS, public health and social care with the evidence they need to better support patients, service users and the public.

Read about how our work is influencing care, and making a positive difference to people, and the economy.

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Street lighting hero

Is it time for lights out?

Research finds no evidence of an association between reduced street lighting and night-time road casualties or crime across England and Wales.

VOICE hero

VOICE training for healthcare professionals aids communication with dementia patients

The VOICE study looked at how healthcare professionals could improve their knowledge, confidence and skills for communicating with patients with dementia. It has led to the development of an evidence-based communication skills training course.

Skin to skin hero

Skin-to-skin contact to encourage breastfeeding

Evidence supporting the use of skin-to-skin contact to encourage breastfeeding has global impact


Reducing patient harm through medication errors

A set of safety indicators to identify patients at risk of harm from prescribing errors, along with a pharmacist-led IT-based intervention, are reducing clinically important medication errors.

Broken cigarettes

The impact of smoke-free prisons in Scotland

NIHR-funded researchers find an 80% reduction in harmful second-hand smoke concentrations following smoking ban in Scotland's prisons.


Surviving sepsis - is this the answer?

New drug helps medical teams make the best decisions to manage critically ill patients.

MOAM hero

The invaluable role of patients and the public in health research

The MOAM trial is the first ever large-scale trial of treatment for offenders with antisocial personality disorder. It provides an excellent demonstration of the impact of patient and public involvement in research.

Woman and newborn parallax

Preventative antibiotics halve the risk of infection in childbirth

NIHR trial finds that a single dose of preventative prophylactic antibiotics, halves the risk of infection for women who have assisted vaginal births.

Diet diabetes 800 calories type 2

Empowering individuals to take action against type 2 diabetes

A dramatic 800 calorie a day diet that has been shown to reverse diabetes is currently being piloted in the NHS across England. This follows a successful NIHR-funded trial that showed the effectiveness of the liquid diet and a larger trial into how the diet could be rolled out into everyday practice.

infant RSV test

Childhood respiratory virus diagnosis without delay

A quick bedside test can deliver diagnosis of respiratory virus infection in children and allow clinicians to treat patients while protecting others from infection. Results from recent trials could change care pathways in the future.