Chronology of the NIHR

In the first year of operation, 2006/07, the NIHR:

  • Began a three year funding transition programme to ensure that NHS spending on research was transparent, accounted for, planned and focused on delivery
  • Consolidated existing research programmes, the HTA, SDO, CRD and UK Cochrane Centre as well as the Cancer Research Network and INVOLVE within the NIHR umbrella
  • Established the:
    • Clinical Research Network 
    • Clinical Research Facilities for Experimental Medicine
    • Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres
    • Programme Grants for Applied Research, Research for Innovation, Speculation and Creativity funding programmes
    • Research for Patient Benefit funding programme
    • School for Primary Care Research

In year two, 2007/08, the NIHR created the:

  • Annual Trainees Conference
  • Established the:
    • Biomedical Research Centres
    • Patient Safety Research Centres
    • Healthcare Technology Cooperatives
  • NIHR Faculty and NIHR Senior Investigators
  • Patient Research Cohort initiative and the Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation and Methodology Research programmes in partnership with the MRC  
  • Research Passport scheme

Year three, 2008/09, saw the introduction of:

  • Biomedical Research Units
  • Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care
  • Coordinated System for Gaining NHS Permission
  • Flexibility and Sustainability funding stream
  • Healthcare Fellowship scheme
  • Industry costing template
  • Model clinical trial agreement for medical devices
  • Public Health Research, Invention for Innovation (i4i) and Health Services Research programmes
  • Research Design Service
  • School for Social Care Research
  • The Dean for the NIHR Faculty
  • The Senior Investigators Annual Meeting

In year four, 2009/10, the NIHR established the:

  • Leadership and Development programme
  • NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure
  • Technology Assessment Reviews infrastructure

Between 2010/11, the NIHR created the:

  • Centre for Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology
  • International Register for Systematic Reviews – PROSPERO
  • Model Industry Collaborative Research Agreement
  • Official NIHR Twitter account
  • School for Public Health Research

2011/12 saw the introduction of:

  • Research Professorships
  • Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowships
  • Translational Research Partnerships
  • The UK Clinical Trials Gateway
  • The i4i Challenge Award
  • ENRICH (Enabling Research in Care Homes) initiative
  • The NIHR Twitter Feed

In 2012/13, the NIHR created:

  • Capacity in e-Health Informatics in partnership with 10 UK government and charities
  • Clinical Trails Tool Kit
  • Diagnostic Evidence Cooperatives
  • Faculty World e-Magazine
  • Health Care Cooperatives
  • Health Protection Research Units
  • Health Service Journal award for Research
  • Patient Safety Translational Research Centres
  • New media competition
  • The Leadership and Development Process for NHS R&D Directors and Managers
  • The Leadership Programme for Trainees
  • The National Phenome Centre, in partnership with the MRC
  • The School for Public Health Research

 In 2013/14, the NIHR established:

  • A Primary Care model Clinical Trial Agreement in association with the Association for the British Pharmaceutical Industry, the British Medical Association, the Medical Protection Society and the UK Health departments
  • Management of the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships
  • The MRC/NIHR Pheonome Centre
  • The NIHR Hub – the NIHR’s collaborative-working and intranet system which won a Google change management award
  • The NIHR Journals Library
  • The ‘OK to ask’ campaign
  • Translational Research Collaborations

 In 2014/15, the NIHR created:

  • A new NIHR website
  • Blood and Transplant Research Units
  • Join Dementia Research in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK, the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland
  • Nursing Times Clinical Research Nursing Award in partnership with the Nursing Times
  • The National Biosample Centre
  • The NIHR Photo Library
  • The Research Engagement Award in partnership with the National Association for Patient Participation