Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR)

The independent Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR) was created as a result of the Review of funding in UK health research (2006) led by Sir David Cooksey.

Sir David had identified considerable strength in the UK science base but revealed cultural, institutional and financial barriers to the effective translation of health research into clinical practice. The review envisioned a cultural change among the public funders of health research to address the barriers to research collaboration and to support the application and translation of basic research into patient care and economic benefit.

Since 2007, the OSCHR Board has demonstrated a powerful capacity to work across government through collaboration, addressing many of the issues required to ensure a comprehensive health research environment and leading to improved health outcomes and economic growth. The OSCHR process has helped to focus on the development of better NHS electronic data capabilities for research; create a research programme for public health and greatly enhance translation science. OSCHR is one of a number of fora where the public funders of health research work together with other stakeholders.

In 2011, Ministers in the then Department of Health and Social Care and the then Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) considered that OSCHR had delivered the majority of the changes to the UK health research landscape advocated in the Cooksey report. They agreed that OSCHR should continue to monitor the translational research activity funded by government and additionally explore the role the Board could play in enhancing the funders’ existing contributions to economic growth through the life science sector.

Board membership



Professor Chris Day

Independent Chair
Vice Chancellor and President, Newcastle University

Ex-officio members (2016)


Professor Chris Whitty       

Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health and Social Care, England.

Mr Gareth Davies

Director General Business and Science, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Dr Louise Wood

Director, Science, Research and Evidence, Department of Health and Social care (in lieu of CEO, National Institute for Health Research, England)

Professor Fiona Watt 

Executive Chair, MRC

Dr Ian Campbell

Interim Exec, Innovate UK

Professor David Crossman

Chief Scientist for Health, Scotland

Professor Ian Young

Health and Social Care Research & Development, Northern Ireland

Independent members         


Professor Jeremy Farrar    

Independent member, Medical research charity

Dr Eliot Forster

Independent Member, Industry 

Stuart Bell CBE

Independent member, NHS  

OSCHR Office


Mr Nathan Moore

Head of OSCHR Office, Science Research and Evidence Directorate, Department of Health and Social Care


Nathan Moore,
Head of OSCHR Office