Vision, mission and aims


Chris Whitty

Our vision

To improve the health and wealth of the nation through research.

Our mission

To provide a health research system in which the NHS supports outstanding individuals working in world-class facilities, conducting leading-edge research focused on the needs of patients and the public.

Our aims

  • Establish the NHS as an internationally recognised centre of research excellence
  • Attract, develop and retain the best research professionals to conduct people-based research
  • Commission research focused on improving health and social care
  • Strengthen and streamline systems for research management and governance
  • Increase the opportunities for patients and the public to participate in, and benefit from, research
  • Promote and protect the interests of patients and the public in health research
  • Drive faster translation of scientific discoveries into tangible benefits for patients
  • Maximise the research potential of the NHS to contribute to the economic growth of the country through the life sciences industry
  • Act as sound custodians of public money for the public good.