In addition to NIHR published research, we produce other material to introduce the NIHR and its activities as well as guides and reviews. A selection is provided below.

About the NIHR

NIHR: What can we do for you? is a small concertina-fold leaflet signposting the various ways the NIHR can help researchers, from funding to advice and wider support.

Our annual reports detail the NIHR’s activities and achievements during the year, setting out our partnerships and engagement with patients and the public, the life sciences industry and charities, contribution to economic growth, support for training and careers in research, research and knowledge transfer activities and the financial report.


Economic growth

Growth through health research: The NIHR as an engine for growth
This document illustrates the ways the NIHR is contributing to economic growth. These include creating an internationally competitive research environment, enabling collaborations and partnerships with the life sciences industry, developing a highly-skilled research workforce, and generating research evidence which helps keep the population healthy and able to work and which supports the NHS in making better and more cost-effective use of resources.



Our Funding opportunities booklet provides information about the NIHR’s research funding and career development opportunities available for researchers based in the NHS, universities, industry and other organisations concerned with health, public health and social care.

Research Design Service (RDS)
This leaflet describes how our Research Design Service (RDS) can support you in applying for our research funding and for other open national peer-reviewed funding programmes. RDS advisers in bases across England offer a unique breadth of experience and a proven track record in improving research applications. Advice is confidential and free of charge. 


Clinical trials

Clinical Trials Guide for Trainees is a resource that was developed to support individuals interested in pursuing a research career that involves developing and leading clinical trials. The guide includes a series of questions and answers as well a list of links to further information sources.


Research findings and evidence

Research highlights from the NIHR CLAHRCs

As part of the NIHR's 10th anniversary, CLAHRC projects were selected for their excellence and their current and likely future impact. The NIHR 10@10: Celebrating 10 years of NIHR includes examples of CLAHRCs working individually with their local partners, as well as examples of cross-CLAHRC collaboration.


Communications Strategy

NIHR Communications Strategy

The NIHR is the largest Government funder of health research in the UK and our relationship with all our stakeholders is very important to us.

The aim of this communications strategy, covering the period 2017-2022, is to build upon the significant progress already made during the NIHR’s first decade and to introduce an approach to communications that will deliver a ‘step change’ in levels of awareness for the NIHR.

There is recognition that improving our storytelling could transform the way the NIHR is perceived and understood. This strategy will guide our efforts and ensure that we’re placing focus where most benefit can be gained.

Our findings confirm that we are starting from a strong base where those in the NIHR believe passionately in its mission and are proud to be associated with it. The challenge ahead is to demonstrate to a wider set of audiences the positive impact that it delivers to the health and social care system, patients and the public. We believe this to be a critical success factor for the NIHR and it therefore forms the backbone of our communications strategy.

We are very grateful to all our stakeholders who gave up their time to contribute evidence to inform this strategy and look forward to working collaboratively with them for its effective delivery.