Brand elements

NB This overview is for information only. Please refer to the guidelines for specific advice.


  • The NIHR Logo, and sub-logos for designated parts of the NIHR, are to be positioned top left
  • There is also a new logo for NIHR social media channels
  • The ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo is for researchers/teams funded by an NIHR research programme. Supplementary advice is available here for researchers funded by NIHR Global Health Research Programmes.
  • The ‘Supported by NIHR’ logo is for users of our Network and research funders we have supported through study delivery, expertise or dedicated facilities.

Corporate typeface

Google Lato (open source). Ten typefaces have been selected from this family for all design use. Arial can be used when Lato is not available.

Colour palette

Eight colours: NIHR Blue (primary) plus seven others, with colour combinations identified to differentiate our communications for different audience streams.

Design motifs

Thirteen motifs can be used by your designer, as whole or cut-off, either superimposed on the perimeter of photography or in colour blocks, as a grid arrangement.


Choose photographs and other visuals to represent the range and diversity of our work.


A credit in writing for NIHR funding and/or support received, with disclaimer as applicable. See examples on our study outputs and branding page.

House style

For consistency of language, style and punctuation across the NIHR consult our style guide.


Templates have also been developed that incorporate the brand elements, for slides, research posters and other applications.