Our brand guidelines contain what you need to know regarding logo size and position and when and how to use our colour palette, typography, design motifs and combine with imagery. The current issue of the guidelines is Version 1.1 (aligns sizing of the Funded and Supported by logos with the NIHR logo).

Phased roll out

We are taking a phased approach to the roll out of the new brand across the NIHR.

From 5 February 2019, we are working directly with communications managers in all parts of the NIHR, from Local Clinical Research Networks to Biomedical Research Centres, to align channels and communications with NIHR’s new identity (see table below for who to contact for advice).

Tailored support

  • Press officers Guidance for issuing press releases announcing NIHR-funded or supported research is available on our News pages.
  • NIHR Academy Members Tailored research poster templates are available for NIHR Academy Members.
  • Researchers If you are funded through one of our research programmes, please use the ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo as outlined in our brand guidelines and refer to our Study outputs and branding pages for further details on how to acknowledge your NIHR funding. Researchers funded through the NIHR Global Health Research Programme have separate guidance that reflects the use of UK Aid.
  • Research funders and other users of NIHR expertise and facilities NIHR support for research you have funded can be shown by using our ‘Supported by NIHR’ logo as outlined in our brand guidelines and by inclusion of a reference to NIHR support in your acknowledgements. See table below for who to contact for further advice.


Contacts for NIHR communicators and research funders



NIHR sub-logo

Supported by NIHR logo


Research funder

Industry, charities and other research funders


CRNCC Comms for users of the Clinical Research Network

CCF Comms for users of other NIHR infrastructure

NIHR Infrastructure

BioResource, Biomedical Research Centres, CLAHRCs, Clinical Research Facilities, Local Clinical Research Networks, MICs, Patient Safety Translational Research Centres


CRNCC Comms for Local Clinical Research Network

CCF Comms for other NIHR infrastructure

NIHR Research Centres, Schools, Units and other services

Blood and Transplant Research Units, Health Protection Research Units, Innovation Observatory, Research Design Service, Research Schools, Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre


CCF Comms