Our policies

Adding value in research

We are committed to adding value in research. This means maximising the potential impact of research that we fund for patients and the public by making sure our research:

  • answers the right questions
  • is designed, conducted and analysed appropriately
  • delivers the research efficiently and
  • the results are published in full in an accessible and unbiased report.

We have provided some case study examples on the adding value in research page.

Research Integrity Concordat

The Research Integrity Concordat sets out commitments that provide assurances to government, the wider public and the international community that research in the UK continues to be underpinned by the highest standards of rigour and integrity. 

Developed in collaboration with the funding and research councils, Wellcome Trust and various government departments, the concordat:

  • provides better coordination of existing approaches to research integrity
  • enables more effective communication of efforts to ensure that the highest standards of rigour and integrity continue to underpin all our research
  • encourages greater transparency and accountability at both institutional and sector levels
  • stimulates reflection on current practices to identify where improvements can be made.