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Paediatric Involvement and Engagement in Research (PIER)



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Since its inception in 2006, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has significantly increased the scale of clinical research in the NHS, particularly through the Clinical Research Network. The enthusiastic engagement of NHS clinicians is an essential condition for sustaining and building on this success, particularly given the many competing demands on clinician time and resources. This award aims to recognise the multidisciplinary research teams who make outstanding contributions to involving paediatric patients and families in the development and delivery of research. 


The PIER Prize is open to research active paediatricians and paediatric focused research teams of up to four people. To be eligible for this award you must deliver a research study on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio.


Applicants should download and complete the application form to outline their contribution to NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio studies with particular weight being attached to: 

  • how patients and families have been engaged and informed of new opportunities to participate in clinical research
  • co-production in the development and delivery of studies
  • innovative methods of study delivery

Applicants should also set out what activities they plan to carry out in the future to improve research delivery.


The winner(s) will receive a trophy and free attendance to RCPCH Conference and Exhibition 2020 (including reasonable expenses).

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