Funding longer term recovery and learning research

NIHR continues to support ongoing public health research into COVID-19

Under NIHR’s restart framework, urgent public health research continues to be our number one priority. We do, however, recognise the importance of also investing in longer-term research.

Our first response to help better understand and manage the health and social care consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic beyond the acute phase was to launch a UK wide 'recovery and learning' call to provide high quality and timely evidence to inform policy and to support system recovery and learning. This call is now closed and all projects funded through this call will be listed on the NIHR Funding and Awards website once contracting has been completed. 

Researchers are invited to continue to submit applications for COVID-19 research via all NIHR programmes. Longer term COVID-19 research that is funded will not take priority over non-COVID-19 research in terms of access to Clinical Research Network support, unless they meet the criteria for prioritised support.

Information about applying

We welcome applications through NIHR programme researcher led calls which involve investigators spanning a range of specialties and scientific disciplines that are in the remit of one or more of the participating research programmes.

Applications should be co-produced with service commissioners, providers and service users wherever appropriate to better ensure findings are of immediate utility in policy and practice. Applicants may wish to consult the NIHR INVOLVE guidance on co-producing research.

Applicants are encouraged to study populations with a high disease burden and which have been historically under-served by NIHR research activity. Special consideration should be given to inclusion of ethnic and socio-economic groups that appear to be at higher risk of COVID-19.

NIHR Research Programmes:

Researchers can apply through appropriate NIHR programme researcher led calls, noting information below about specific programmes.

NIHR Policy Research Programme (PRP)

The Policy Research Programme has a specific call still open for applications for research to inform policy responses to COVID-19. Find out more about information regarding deadlines and the application process. 

NIHR Fellowships Programme

The NIHR Fellowships Programme and Research Professorships will be opening calls in the autumn. In the meantime, find out more about the application process. 

NIHR Global Health

Across UK government funding call aiming to support applied health research that will address COVID-19 knowledge gaps is still open.

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