Urgent Public Health COVID-19 Studies

The NIHR has played a critical role in the fight against COVID-19. We have funded, enabled and delivered ground-breaking research that is already helping to save lives in the UK and around the world. Our research is informing government policy, and providing NHS doctors and nurses with the tools they need to prevent and treat COVID-19. By being embedded in the NHS, we have been able to respond quickly and prioritise research based on science, relevance and feasibility; and supporting studies over 101 research studies that were previously identified as urgent public health.

These 101 studies included finding new treatments, developing vaccines and prevention, informing policy and decision-making, evaluating tests and diagnosticssupporting a global response and researching the long-term impact.

The full list of all urgent public health studies has now been removed due to the closure of the urgent public health process as a result of the drop in COVID-19 case numbers and significant progress with the vaccine roll-out.