Study Detail


RECAP (REmote Covid Assessment in Primary Care)

Status: Open

Type: Observational

Funder: Oxford team: UKRI. Imperial team: Community Jameel (philanthropic) fund

Sponsor: Imperial College London

CI: Trisha Greenhalgh (Oxford), Brendan Delaney (Imperial)

IRAS-Number: 283024

CPMS-ID: 45890

Approval Date: 14 October 2020


This research aims to develop a score for GPs to use when assessing how badly a patient is affected with COVID, to use over the phone or by video. The most widely used 'early warning score' is NEWS2 but this wasn't designed for use in COVID - and it's a hospital score. The research team will use features of COVID that are known to be markers of more serious disease. After seeking preliminary advice from the chair of the Oxford REC, desk research alongside an online Delphi survey is breing undertaken with 70 GPs who regularly have consultations with COVID patients, to refine the selection and wording of items. This part was not considered to need REC approval as it's developing the instrument we plan to test. That work is almost complete. The research team now want to build these items into templates on the GP electronic record so the doctor can easily be prompted to ask particular questions and enter data. Then, they plan to use record analysis to work out which aspects of the RECAP score actually predicted severity, using three outcomes: admission to hospital, admission to ITU, and death. The analysis won't use identifiable patient data. The researchers aim to produce a score which, along with clinical judgement, will help GPs distinguish patients who should be sent to hospital from those who can be safely managed in primary care. Clearly, this is urgent and such a score could save lives by a) reducing the number pf people who are sent to hospital unnecessarily and b) ensuring that nobody who does need urgent hospital assessment misses out. A qualitative study of GPs experiences using the RECAP score will also be undertaken.

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