Study Detail

COVID-19 Germ Defence Implementation

Primary Care implementation of Germ Defence: A digital behaviour change intervention to improve infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic

Status: In Setup

Type: Interventional


Sponsor: University of Bristol

CI: Dr Jeremy Horwood

IRAS-Number: 287978

CPMS-ID: 46740

Approval Date: 10 August 2020


Recent research into coronavirus has shown that members of the public can play a crucial role in controlling infection outbreaks, by adopting simple behaviours such as handwashing, cleaning surfaces, wearing face-coverings and social distancing. However, it is clear that most people need support to change their behaviour and prevent infection. The Germ Defence website was originally developed during the swine 'flu pandemic and trialled in over 20,000 patients. It was shown to reduce the number and severity of infections of both the people who used it and members of their households (Little et al, 2015). Germ Defence has now been updated for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. The updated website helps users with: - planning for how to isolate an infected household member - personalised goal-setting to increase a range of infection control behaviours - changing their home environment to support new habits - problem-solving to overcome any barriers. This project will consider the effects of promoting the Germ Defence website via GP practices on rates of respiratory infection including COVID-19 and seasonal 'flu.

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