Study Detail


Mapping and mitigation of COVID-19 in schools (CoMMinS)

Status: In Setup

Type: Observational/Interventional


Sponsor: University of Bristol

CI: Prof. Caroline Relton

IRAS-Number: 290071

CPMS-ID: 47229

Approval Date: 05 August 2020


This project will meet the urgent need for mapping and mitigation of Covid-19 in schools in light of their re-opening in September 2020, which poses a major challenge due to the likelihood of cases being asymptomatic, high number of contacts, presence of vulnerable persons, and potential for rapid onward transmission to family contacts of children and staff. These challenges must be weighed against the benefits of resuming children's education, peer interaction and social development. A deeper understanding of infection history and dynamics and enhanced mitigation measures will inform outbreak control and future pandemic resilience. We will undertake a large-scale mapping study of prior and current Covid-19 infection in pupils and staff, including prospective testing over 6 months, to dramatically enhance our understanding of infection patterns in this age group.

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