Study Detail

CO@h patient experience study (V1.0)

COVID Oximetry @ home (CO@h): A rapid patient experience study

Status: Closed

Type: Observational

Funder: NIHR

Sponsor: University College London

CI: Prof Naomi Fulop

IRAS-Number: 294011

CPMS-ID: 48381

Approval Date: 29 January 2021


During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients were not admitted to hospital until they were displaying advanced symptoms of COVID-19. These patients may then have received invasive treatments and/or been admitted to intensive care. Monitoring patients at home may help to reduce these delays and identify patients earlier. In the UK, a healthcare service called COVID Oximetry @home has been nationally rolled out by NHS England. Within this service, patients are given an oximeter and asked to record their oxygen levels regularly. Patients are monitored and sent for further care if problems arise. This research aims to explore patient experiences of receiving and engaging with the COVID care at home. To find out about how patients and staff have experienced COVID care at home, we will do two things. a) First, we will conduct a national survey with patients and carers in as many NHS trusts across the country as possible. The surveys will explore patient experiences of receiving and engaging with COVID care at home. We will analyse this data using descriptive statistics (e.g. percentages). b) Secondly, we will carry out some case studies in 12 selected NHS sites. We will speak with patients who have received COVID care at home, or who have withdrew from receiving care or declined care. These interviews will help us to find out more about how people experienced receiving COVID care at home and the things that help or get in the way. This research is important as it will help us to find out if healthcare services that require patients to monitor at home are effective, affordable and suitable and practical for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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