Study Detail

Humoral Immune Correlates for COVID19

Humoral Immune Correlates for COVID19: Defining protective responses and critical readouts for Clinical Trials of Vaccines and Therapeutics (HICC)

Status: Open

Type: Interventional


Sponsor: Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

CI: Prof Wilhelm Schwaeble

IRAS-Number: 96194

CPMS-ID: 46630

Approval Date: 01 July 2020


The HICC aims to drill down into an antibody-positive individual's responses to define immune correlates of protective immunity SARS-CoV-2, in part by discriminating these from immunopathologic COVID-19 disease associated responses. The HICC uses a battery of sophisticated functional Immune & biochemical assays. These are linked to fine antigen immunoglobulin specificity of protective anti-SARS-CoV-2 Ab responses and associated effector functions that are first teased out and defined in smaller, well characterised asymptomatic to severe COVID-19 cohorts.

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