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2020 NIHR ACF PES Imperial Platform Science and Bioinformatics 2



2020 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Priority Research Themes

HEE Local Office: North West London
Medical School: Imperial College London
Research Theme: Platform Science and Bioinformatics
Specialty Options: Histopathology

Plain English Summary

The molecular pathology laboratory within Histopathology is the designated laboratory at Imperial NHS Trust for submission and validation of samples to 100,000 genome project. This is also the main molecular lab for molecular diagnosis at Imperial. Our research programmes are focused on Cellular/Histopathology.

Research projects could be developed from any of the following depending on the interest of the ACF, all utilising a variety of platform science technologies:

i. In haematopathology and stem cell transplant pathology – study of leukaemias, lymphomas and myeloma.
ii Molecular pathology of various malignancies – both haematological and solid tumours.
iii. Use of Genomics and 100,000 genome project data.
iv. Renal and transplant pathology - using analysis of genes and digital analysis to better diagnose rejection and predict outcomes from treatments.
v. Platforms sciences to better understand Gastrointestinal & hepatic-pancreatic-biliary tumours and other liver diseases, Gynaecological malignancies and lung cancer.

Research efforts will lead to development of:
Better diagnostic tools based on data from multiple sources/platforms.
The development of bioinformatics for the rapid interpretation of genomic data.
Disease stratification, so individual diseases can be better stratified for their adoption to clinical trials.
Assessment of residual disease after treatment using novel molecular methods such as the evaluation of free DNA from serum.
Cancer screening methodologies: We wish to explore development of novel screening methods such as serum cell-free DNA to identify hidden malignancies.

For Paediatric projects please see Paediatric ACF platform science summary.