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2020 NIHR ACF PES Leeds Platform Science and Bioinformatics



2020 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Priority Research Themes

HEE Local Office: Yorkshire and Humber
Medical School: University of Leeds
Research Theme: Platform Science and Bioinformatics
Specialty Options: Histopathology

Plain English Summary

Pathology at the University of Leeds has recently fused with Data Analytics (Professors Sir Alex Markham and Eva Morris) to enhance our ability to use data to create new wisdom for patient management in the light of the current data explosion in clinical databases, pathology, molecular pathology and digital pathology.

Histopathology produces data from a wide variety of tissues and at a range of levels from macroscopic pathology down to the individual tissues, cells and sub-cellular structure through to cellular components of DNA, RNA and protein. These data sources need to be analysed and integrated to create knowledge and clinical wisdom. This NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) post will learn how to handle the various types of data and integrate them to generate valuable new information and support the clinical understanding of disease.

The postholder will have access to new imaging systems, digital images and newly developed computer programmes for assessing cells and tissues. We also have extensive data on the cellular DNA of individuals with bowel cancer as well as on their microbiomes (bacteria) contained within the tumours. The individual will choose from a range of projects linked to the Platform Science research theme that interest him or her and allow them to develop their academic careers. The ACF will undertake clinical training in histopathology and be supported as part of the Leeds NIHR Integrated Academic Training programme to develop research and publish peer-reviewed papers to enable a successful PhD Fellowship application leading to a future clinical academic career.

Academic Pathology at Leeds has an international track record of identifying ways in which bowel cancer can be treated more effectively. This collaborative group is recognised for their work in genomics and microbiome research and Leeds is the Hub of the NHS Yorkshire/Humber/North East genome centre linked to the excellent sequencing infrastructure facilities at the University facilities. Expert support in bioinformatics is available within the group (Dr Henry Wood) and the ACF will work closely with the MRC Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (Morris/Markham) and groups in Molecular Pathology (Wood, Dr Nicholas West, Dr Susan Richman, Quirke) and Digital Pathology (Treanor/Quirke).

Key contacts
Academic leads:

Professor Phil Quirke (Histopathology), Professor Eva Morris (Bioinformatics)