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2020 NIHR ACF PES Newcastle Acute Care



2020 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Priority Research Themes

HEE Local Office: North East
Medical School: Newcastle University
Research Theme: Acute Care
Specialty Options: Intensive Care Medicine or Respiratory Medicine or Paediatrics

Plain English Summary

ACFs wishing to train in Intensive Care Medicine or Adult Respiratory Medicine or Paediatric Respiratory Medicine are suitable for this post.

Critical care training in Newcastle incorporates acute, transplant- and cardiothoracic-related intensive care units. Newcastle is also a designated Major Trauma Centre, allowing extensive experience in care of the critically ill trauma patient.

In adult respiratory medicine, Newcastle has specialist services for adult lung transplantation and pulmonary hypertension, and has a broad range of regional specialist services in (for example) acute asthma, interstitial lung disease, asthma, home ventilation, pulmonary embolism, etc.

The regional School of Paediatrics hosts a large, well-established clinical training programme from Level 1 (ST1-3) through to Level 3 (ST6-8). Feedback from across the region on paediatric training is consistently excellent. The Great North Children’s Hospital (GNCH) has around 250 beds and provides a full range of tertiary paediatric services, and links to a supra-regional centre for paediatric lung, heart and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. A critical mass of clinical academic PIs working between the university and GNCH has created a proactive and inclusive research culture.

Newcastle’s deep-rooted commitment to training the next generation of clinical academics is reflected in the city hosting the national NIHR Training School. Newcastle has a long track record of successful career progression for ACFs, with approximately 75% progressing to doctoral fellowships. Intensive care medicine/adult respiratory/paediatric respiratory has “punched above its weight” in Newcastle. Intensive care medicine/adult respiratory/paediatric respiratory runs a combined group meeting for trainees each week, ensuring a supportive, collaborative and interactive environment.