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2020 NIHR ACF PES Sheffield Acute Care



2020 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Priority Research Themes

HEE Local Office: Yorkshire and Humber
Medical School: The University of Sheffield
Research Theme: Acute Care
Specialty Options: Cardiology or Emergency Medicine

Plain English Summary

Emergency Medicine:
Sheffield is a leading national and international centre for urgent and emergency care research. The Centre for URgent and Emergency Care (CURE) is a research group based in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR). Our researchers undertake research into the organisation and delivery of urgent and emergency care. They work with the Clinical Trials Research Unit and Section of Health Economics and Decision Science to evaluate whether tests and treatments improve outcomes and are cost-effective. Their research has changed the way treatment is provided for people with heart attacks and serious injuries, and has led to paramedics treating people at home instead of taking them to hospital. The centre is linked with the Emergency Department of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

We lead major national research that allows academic trainees to undertake a wide range of research methods. These include clinical trials of new treatments, studies of diagnostic tests, research exploring patient’s views, research into how health services are organised, and modelling studies of cost effectiveness.

Opportunities for research in emergency surgery are supported by the clinical academic surgical team. This group had a major role in the national audit of small bowel obstruction, and is undertaking research into aspects of emergency surgical care including diagnostics, frailty, and nutrition, especially intestinal obstruction. The team has a record of securing significant funding to deliver cohort studies and trials in surgery, and has strong links with ScHARR and the Clinical Trials Unit.

Sheffield is the Regional Centre for South Yorkshire for cardiac emergencies. All patients requiring interventions for coronary and valve disease are treated here. There are flourishing clinics treating managing patients with heart failure, arrhythmias, inherited cardiac conditions, grown up congenital heart disease and those requiring device therapy. There is cross-specialty support for the country's largest clinic for patients with pulmonary hypertension. A particular growth area is cardiac imaging. There are also strong links with the University of Sheffield Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease, which can offer research in all areas from 'bench to bedside', and with the Sheffield School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), which has a national role in clinical trial design and management, with particular expertise in acute cardiac care. Clinical research is strong in areas such as atherothrombosis, computational models of blood flow, inflammatory mechanisms in arterial disease, interventions in pulmonary hypertension and biomechanics. The Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine brings together clinicians and engineers in one of the largest such institutes in Europe, and its Cardiovascular theme is particularly strong. Opportunities exist in all these areas, and indeed extending out to collaborative projects in related acute specialties, for potential ACF projects, and many supervisors are available with a track record of successful ACF projects leading to subsequent Research Fellowships.