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2023 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships in Medicine - Allocated Posts


Published: 07 October 2022

Version: 2 October 2022)

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NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACF) are part of the Integrated Academic Training programme.

This is a complete list of the 2023 NIHR ACF allocated posts that will be advertised from 3 October 2022. This list is correct at the time of publishing (October 2022) and will not be updated as posts are filled. Please use Oriel to find which NIHR ACF posts are currently available.

Posts associated with NIHR Priority Research Themes are indicated with the theme name in parentheses.


ACF-2023-09-001 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Immunology /Geriatric Medicine

ACF-2023-09-002 - Respiratory Medicine/ Histopathology/ Clinical Oncology

ACF-2023-09-003 - Infectious Diseases/ Neurosurgery/ Dermatology

ACF-2023-09-004 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology /Paediatrics

ACF-2023-09-005 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery/ General Surgery

ACF-2023-09-006 - Haematology/ Medical Oncology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-09-007 - General Practice/ Public Health Medicine (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-09-008 - Urology/ Gastroenterology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-09-009 - Plastic Surgery/ Cardiology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-09-010 - Acute Internal Medicine/ Intensive Care Medicine/ Anaesthetics (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-09-011 - General Psychiatry (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-09-012 - Neurology/ Renal Medicine/ Rheumatology

Brighton & Sussex

ACF-2023-27-001 - Infectious Diseases

ACF-2023-27-002 - Intensive Care Medicine

ACF-2023-27-003 - Haematology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-27-004 - Paediatrics (Multimorbidity at Any Age)


ACF-2023-25-001 - General Practice

ACF-2023-25-002 - Renal Medicine/ Cardiology

ACF-2023-25-003 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

ACF-2023-25-004 - Palliative Medicine

ACF-2023-25-005 - Respiratory Medicine

ACF-2023-25-006 - General Surgery

ACF-2023-25-007 - Anaesthetics/Intensive Care Medicine ( Acute Care)

ACF-2023-25-008 - Cardiology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-25-009 - General Practice/Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-25-010 - General Psychiatry/ General Practice (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-25-011 - Medical Microbiology/ Infectious Diseases (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-25-012 - Haematology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-25-013 - Geriatric Medicine (Health Needs of Older People)


ACF-2023-14-001 - Cardiology / Gastroenterology/ Neurology

ACF-2023-14-002 - Renal Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

ACF-2023-14-003 - General Surgery /UrologyTrauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

ACF-2023-14-004 - Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery/ Plastic Surgery/ Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

ACF-2023-14-005 - Clinical Oncology/ Haematology/ Histopathology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-14-006 - Public Health Medicine/ General Practice/ Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-14-007 - Infectious Diseases /Medical Microbiology/ Medical Virology (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-14-008 - Medical Oncology/ Otolaryngology/ General Surgery (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-14-009 - Old Age Psychiatry/ Neurology/ Geriatric Medicine (Dementia)

ACF-2023-14-010 - Intensive Care Medicine/ Neurosurgery/ Paediatrics (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-14-011- General Psychiatry/ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/ General Practice(Mental Health)


ACF-2023-23-001 - Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

ACF-2023-23-002 - General Practice/ Clinical oncology/ Public Health Medicine

ACF-2023-23-003 - Clinical Oncology/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Geriatric Medicine (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-23-004 - Geriatric Medicine/ Public Health Medicine/ General Practice (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-23-005 - Anaesthetics/ General Practice/ General Psychiatry (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-23-006 - Respiratory Medicine /Old age Psychiatry/ Geriatric Medicine (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-23-007 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Public Health Medicine/ General Practice (Multimorbidity at Any Age)

ACF-2023-23-008 - Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery/ Emergency Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine (Acute Care)

Hull & York

ACF-2023-03-001 - Plastic Surgery

ACF-2023-03-002 - Vascular Surgery

ACF-2023-03-003 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-03-004 - Clinical Oncology/ Medical Oncology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-03-005 - Palliative Medicine (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-03-006 - Dermatology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

Imperial College London

ACF-2023-21-001 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

ACF-2023-21-002 - Respiratory Medicine

ACF-2023-21-003 - Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-21-004 - Haematology

ACF-2023-21-005 - Cardiology

ACF-2023-21-006 - Gastroenterology

ACF-2023-21-007 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

ACF-2023-21-008 - Plastic Surgery (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-21-009 - General Surgery (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-21-010 - General Psychiatry (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-21-011 - Infectious Diseases (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-21-012 - Paediatrics (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-21-013 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-21-014 - Neurology (Health Needs of Older People)

Institute of Cancer Research:

ACF-2023-22-001 - Medical Oncology

ACF-2023-22-002 - Clinical Oncology


ACF-2023-10-001 - Cardiology/ Paediatrics/ Rheumatology

ACF-2023-10-002 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery/ Renal Medicine/ Paediatrics

ACF-2023-10-003 - General Practice/ General Psychiatry/ Public Health Medicine (Dementia)

ACF-2023-10-004 - Renal Medicine/ Emergency Medicine/ General Practice (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-10-005 - Renal Medicine/ Rheumatology/ Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (Health Needs of Older People

ACF-2023-10-006 - Cardiology/ Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ Public Health Medicine (Epidemiology and Public Health)


King's College London

ACF-2023-17-001 - Respiratory Medicine 

ACF-2023-17-002 - Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-17-003 - Clinical Genetics

ACF-2023-17-004 - Anaesthetics

ACF-2023-17-005 - General Surgery

ACF-2023-17-006 - General Psychiatry

ACF-2023-17-007 - General Psychiatry

ACF-2023-17-008 - General Psychiatry

ACF-2023-17-009 - Neurology

ACF-2023-17-010 - Neurology

ACF-2023-17-011 - Urology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-17-012 - Medical Oncology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-17-013 - Geriatric Medicine (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-17-014 - Old Age Psychiatry (Dementia)

ACF-2023-17-015 - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-17-016 - General Psychiatry (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-17-017 - General Psychiatry (Multimorbidity at Any Age)


ACF-2023-05-001 - Palliative Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine/ General Practice

ACF-2023-05-002 - Anaesthetics/ Paediatrics/ Public Health Medicine

ACF-2023-05-003 - General Practice/ Public Health Medicine/ Paediatrics (Epidemiology and Public Health)


ACF-2023-02-001 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

ACF-2023-02-002 - Plastic Surgery

ACF-2023-02-003 - Clinical Oncology/ Medical Oncology

ACF-2023-02-004 - General Surgery/ Vascular Surgery

ACF-2023-02-005 - Paediatrics/ Obstetrics and Gynaecology

ACF-2023-02-006 - Clinical Radiology

ACF-2023-02-007 - Histopathology/ Medical Microbiology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-02-008 - Rheumatology (Multimorbidity at Any Age)

ACF-2023-02-009 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Cardiology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-02-010 - Medical Oncology/ Clinical Oncology (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-02-011- Geriatric Medicine/ Rehabilitation Medicine/ General Practice (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-02-012 - General Surgery/ Vascular Surgery (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-02-013 - General Psychiatry/ Old Age Psychiatry (Mental Health)


ACF-2023-11-001 - General Practice/ Old Age Psychiatry

ACF-2023-11-002 - Paediatrics/ Palliative Medicine

ACF-2023-11-003 - Geriatric Medicine/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-11-004 - Cardiology/ Ophthalmology/ Geriatric Medicine

ACF-2023-11-005 - Respiratory Medicine/ Infectious Diseases/ Medical Microbiology (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-11-006 - Respiratory Medicine/ Infectious Diseases/ Medical Microbiology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-11-007 - Anaesthetics/ Emergency Medicine/ Intensive Care Medicine (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-11-008 - General Practice/ Old Age Psychiatry (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-11-009 - Medical Oncology/ General Surgery (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)


ACF-2023-07-001 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

ACF-2023-07-002 - Infectious Diseases/ General (Internal) Medicine

ACF-2023-07-003 - Medical Oncology/ Clinical Oncology

ACF-2023-07-004 - Neurosurgery (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-07-005 - Public Health Medicine (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-07-006 - Paediatrics (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-07-007 - Medical Oncology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-07-008 - Neurology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-07-009 - Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

ACF-2023-20-001 - Infectious Diseases

ACF-2023-20-002 - Public Health Medicine


ACF-2023-06-001 - Histopathology/ Clinical Genetics/ Medical Oncology

ACF-2023-06-002 - Cardiology/ Renal Medicine/ General Practice

ACF-2023-06-003 - Neurology/ Dermatology

ACF-2023-06-004 - General Surgery/ Neurosurgery/ Plastic Surgery

ACF-2023-06-005 - Emergency Medicine/ Intensive Care Medicine

ACF-2023-06-006 - Gastroenterology/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

ACF-2023-06-007 - Neurology/ General Psychiatry (Dementia)

ACF-2023-06-008 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ Paediatrics/ Respiratory Medicine (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-06-009 - General Practice/ Renal Medicine/ Cardiology (Multimorbidity at Any Age)

ACF-2023-06-010 - General Surgery/ Rheumatology/ Ophthalmology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-06-011 - Clinical Oncology/ Dermatology/ Gastroenterology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-06-012 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ Clinical Oncology/ Rheumatology (Multimorbidity at Any Age)


ACF-2023-01-001 - Otolaryngology/ Urology/ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

ACF-2023-01-002 - Palliative Medicine/ Ophthalmology/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

ACF-2023-01-003 - Infectious Diseases/ General Surgery/ Cardiology

ACF-2023-01-004 - Medical Oncology/ Clinical Genetics/ Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

ACF-2023-01-005 - Public Health Medicine/ Paediatrics/ Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-01-006 - Dermatology/ Histopathology/ Haematology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-01-007 - Rheumatology/ Gastroenterology/ Plastic Surgery (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-01-008 - General Psychiatry/ Geriatric Medicine/ Vascular Surgery (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-01-009 - Old Age Psychiatry/ General Practice/ Neurology (Dementia)

ACF-2023-01-010 - General Practice/ Paediatrics/ Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-01-011 - Intensive Care Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine/ Paediatrics (Acute Care)


ACF-2023-12-001 - Gastroenterology/ Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery/ Otolaryngology

ACF-2023-12-002 - Paediatrics/ Dermatology/ Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-12-003 - Gastroenterology/ Respiratory Medicine/ General Surgery

ACF-2023-12-004 - Clinical Radiology/ Histopathology/ Medical Oncology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-12-005 - General Practice/ Paediatrics/ Renal Medicine (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-12-006 - Public Health Medicine/ General Practice/ Rheumatology (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-12-007 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery/ Anaesthetics/ Neurology (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-12-008- Geriatric Medicine/ Clinical Radiology/ Neurology (Dementia)

ACF-2023-12-009 - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/ General Psychiatry/ Forensic Psychiatry (Mental Health)


ACF-2023-13-001 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ Public Health Medicine

ACF-2023-13-002 - Histopathology/ Chemical Pathology/ Paediatrics

ACF-2023-13-003 - Gastroenterology/ Genito-Urinary Medicine/ Palliative Medicine

ACF-2023-13-004 - Respiratory Medicine/Renal Medicine/ Dermatology

ACF-2023-13-005 - Plastic Surgery/Otolaryngology/ General Surgery

ACF-2023-13-006 - Urology/ Paediatric Surgery

ACF-2023-13-007 - General Surgery

ACF-2023-13-008 - General Practice/ Sport and Exercise Medicine

ACF-2023-13-009 - Cardiology/Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-13-010 - General Practice (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-13-011 - Medical Oncology/ Rheumatology/ Haematology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-13-012 - Infectious Diseases (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-13-013 - Neurology/Geriatric Medicine Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-13-014 - Old Age Psychiatry/General Psychiatry (Dementia)

ACF-2023-13-015 - Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery/ Intensive Care Medicine/Anaesthetics (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-13-016 - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/ General Psychiatry  (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-13-017 - Haematology ( NHSBT - No RT )

ACF-2023-13-018 - Infectious Diseases ( PHE - No RT)


ACF-2023-24-001 - Anaesthetics/ General Psychiatry/ Geriatric Medicine

ACF-2023-24-002 - General Practice/ Neurology/ Gastroenterology

ACF-2023-24-003 - Emergency Medicine (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-24-004 - Neurology/ Geriatric Medicine (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-24-005 - Neurology/ Geriatric Medicine (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-24-006 - General Practice/ Anaesthetics/ Emergency Medicine (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-24-007 - Intensive Care Medicine/ Anaesthetics (Acute Care)


ACF-2023-19-001 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

ACF-2023-19-002 - Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

ACF-2023-19-003 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

ACF-2023-19-004 - Rheumatology

ACF-2023-19-005 - Haematology (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-19-006 - Neurology (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-19-007 - Genito-Urinary Medicine (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-19-008 - Cardiology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-19-009 - General Practice (Multimorbidity at Any Age)

ACF-2023-19-010 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-19-011 - Urology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)


ACF-2023-04-001 - Paediatrics/ Obstetrics and Gynaecology

ACF-2023-04-002 - Haematology/ Respiratory Medicine/ Infectious Diseases

ACF-2023-04-003 - Renal Medicine/ Gastroenterology

ACF-2023-04-004 - Urology/ Cardio-thoracic Surgery

ACF-2023-04-005 - Emergency Medicine 

ACF-2023-04-006 - Neurology/ General Practice (Dementia)

ACF-2023-04-007 - Medical Oncology/ General Surgery (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-04-008 - General Psychiatry/ General Practice (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-04-009 - Cardiology



ACF-2023-26-001 - Otolaryngology

ACF-2023-26-002 - Paediatric Surgery/ Paediatrics

ACF-2023-26-003 - General Practice

ACF-2023-26-004 - Dermatology/ Public Health Medicine

ACF-2023-26-005 - Ophthalmology/ Infectious Diseases (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-26-006 - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/ Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus (Mental Health)

ACF-2023-26-007 - Geriatric Medicine/ Old Age Psychiatry (Dementia)

ACF-2023-26-008 - Rehabilitation Medicine/ Rheumatology (Multimorbidity at Any Age)

ACF-2023-26-009 - Clinical Genetics/ Histopathology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-26-010 - Anaesthetics/ Intensive Care Medicine (Acute Care)


St. Georges University of London

ACF-2023-16-001- Infectious Diseases

ACF-2023-16-002 - Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-16-003 - Rheumatology (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-16-004 - Cardiology (Epidemiology and Public Health)


ACF-2023-18-001 - Cardiology

ACF-2023-18-002 - Clinical Oncology

ACF-2023-18-003 - Community Sexual and Reproductive Health

ACF-2023-18-004 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

ACF-2023-18-005 - General Psychiatry

ACF-2023-18-006 - Infectious Diseases

ACF-2023-18-007 - Medical Oncology

ACF-2023-18-008 - Ophthalmology

ACF-2023-18-009 - Public Health Medicine

ACF-2023-18-010 - Renal Medicine

ACF-2023-18-011 - General Practice (Medical Education)

ACF-2023-18-012 - Intensive Care Medicine (Acute Care)

ACF-2023-18-013 - Paediatrics (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-18-014 - Paediatrics (Multimorbidity at Any Age)

ACF-2023-18-015 - Palliative Medicine (Dementia)

ACF-2023-18-016 - Respiratory Medicine (Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology)

ACF-2023-18-017 - Rheumatology (Health Needs of Older People)

ACF-2023-18-018 - Public Health Medicine


University of East Anglia

ACF-2023-15-001 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Gastroenterology

ACF-2023-15-002 - Cardiology

ACF-2023-15-003 - Medical Microbiology/ Medical Microbiology and Virology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-15-004 - Public Health Medicine/ General Practice (Epidemiology and Public Health)

ACF-2023-15-005 - Neurology/ Geriatric Medicine (Dementia)

ACF-2023-15-006 - Respiratory Medicine (Acute Care)


ACF-2023-08-001 - Anaesthetics/ Intensive Care Medicine

ACF-2023-08-002 - General Practice/ Public Health Medicine

ACF-2023-08-003 - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus/ Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

ACF-2023-08-004 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ Clinical Radiology (Platform Science and Bioinformatics)

ACF-2023-08-005 - General Practice/ General Psychiatry (Mental Health)