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Accessible transcript: Animation explaining the NIHR national Patient Recruitment Centres (PRCs)


09 November 2021




Five new national Patient Recruitment Centres (PRCs) have been established in the National Health Service. These can be found within NHS Trusts across England in Blackpool, Bradford, Exeter, Leicester and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Launched in November 2020, the PRCs bring to life one of the Sector Deal 2 commitments of the Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy to improve the UK’s competitiveness in the global market.  They also play an important role in the 2021 to 2022 implementation plan for the The Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery and will contribute to creating a world-leading UK clinical research environment. 

The PRCs are the first family of NIHR-funded research facilities that are 100% dedicated to delivering late-phase commercial research. Operating collaboratively in a ‘franchise-like’ model, with clear lines of communication across all five PRCs and a single costing process, we aim to make  it quicker and easier for companies to set up and deliver research to time and target. 

Running your study in a PRC, you will benefit from working with dedicated staff with an abundance of clinical research expertise and experience. Our PRCs understand the needs of life science companies and we provide access to NHS clinicians working across a wide range of therapeutic areas, many of whom are world-renowned. 

With a focus on common chronic conditions, we specialise in recruiting patients to large-scale studies by harnessing the recruitment potential of local and regional health care communities, extending our recruitment reach beyond hospitals and specialist clinics.  Using innovative and proactive recruitment strategies to reach out into the local community, the PRCs empower patients to take part in, and volunteer for, research. 

Our PRCs also provide a test bed for future innovation in clinical trial delivery.  In 2020, PRC: Newcastle commenced delivery of one of the UK’s first fully virtual commercial interventional trials:
‘RELIEVE IBS-D’. The single PRC site recruited twice as fast as 27 sites using a traditional approach,

[text on screen: 2 x faster]

and paved the way for new possibilities presented by virtual, hybrid and decentralised trials in the UK.

At each PRC we prioritise the patient’s experience, offering a personalised, concierge-style service to all participants throughout their research journey.  Initial feedback from patients shows 96% would consider taking part in research again at the PRCs.

[text on screen: 96% participants would consider taking part in research again at the PRCs (2021/2021)]

The PRCs have been integral to delivering COVID-19 vaccine research, with four PRCs recruiting 2,659 participants to three COVID-19 vaccine trials, and three PRCs recruiting to the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine study, the largest ever double-blind, placebo-controlled study in the UK.  All exceeded their recruitment targets and demonstrated their unique ability to respond and scale up to meet individual trial requirements.

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