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Accessible transcript for video: Patient Recruitment Centre - Why work with us?


Published: 21 September 2022

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Selecting the right sites for your research is crucial our patient recruitment centres, PRCs, are like no other. Five collaborating sites with state-of-the-art facilities, strategically located across the country. With five key reasons to help you ensure success.

[Text on screen: 1. Purely Commercial]

We're a hundred percent dedicated to delivering commercial research and purpose designed for conducting large-scale late-phase studies. Providing exactly what sponsor companies and contract research organizations look for in a site; speed, certainty, consistency. You'll benefit from our access to expert NHS clinical investigators who can conduct your research across a range of therapeutic areas and our skilled teams at each site have an extensive experience of working with customers like you too.

[Text on screen: 2. Quicker, easier set-ups]

Our sites work together as one collective entity to set up your trial more efficiently. You'll have one point of contact, one costing negotiation and outstanding service across all five sites, under a single set of operating procedures. It's why our study setup times are below the [Text on screen: Initiated commercial studies in a median of 43 days] national average for England and why customers tell us they'd consider using the prcs again.

[Text on screen: 3. Focused on innovation]

We're big on turning your research delivery ideas into reality. From exploring new avenues for recruitment, to piloting remote delivery models or trying new approaches to follow up. Our prcs are your perfect test bed.

[Text on screen: 4. Unique recruitment reach]

All our centres work with local health and social care providers, extending our recruitment reach beyond specialist hospital clinics and enabling us to engage diverse participant populations. We also Empower patients and the public to volunteer via research registries, helping you achieve a more inclusive study.

[Text on screen: 5. Patient Focussed]

Your participants experience is our priority they enjoy a personalized concierge style service at our centers plus the little things like parking free refreshments and accessible appointments. [Text on screen: 97% of participants said they would consider taking part in research at the PRCs again]. All contributing to a positive experience and it matters because patients are at the heart of what we do.

So if you're looking for a different kind of research site and you want to give your study a head start, ask us about our patient recruitment centers today.

Five sites, five key reasons to work with us.
[Text on screen: Purely commercial, quicker, easier set-ups, focused on innovation, unique recruitment reach, patient focussed]

[Text on screen: Get in touch:]