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Accessible transcript - It’s all in a name: A researcher’s story


Published: 10 November 2023

Version: 1.0

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It’s all in a name: A researcher’s story - A film by NIHR

Scene one: A research office

[Researcher 1 walks into a office and sits down next to Researcher 2 at her desk]

Researcher 1: Morning.

Researcher 2: Morning. How are you?

Researcher 1: Good. How are you?

Researcher 2: Fine, thank you.

[Researcher 1 holds her pregnant stomach as she sits down]

[A pregnancy scan and post-it notes with written names are shown on researcher’s desk]

[Researcher 1 adds a new post it, with the name ‘Lin’]

Scene two: The office staffroom

[Researcher 1 writes ‘Lucy’ on a post it note]

[Researcher 2 notices the post it note while making a coffee, and smiles]

Scene three: research office

Researcher 2: Here you go.

[Hands a set of papers to researcher 1]

Researcher 1: Oh, thanks.

Researcher 2: Not long now.

[Researcher 2 nods at Researcher 1’s visibly pregnant stomach]

Researcher 1: Three months.

Scene four: staircase in a hospital

[Researcher 1 stops halfway up the steps to write the name ‘Peter’ on a post-it. Ambulance siren sounds from outside a hospital]

Scene five: research office

[Researcher 1 adds a post-it note reading ‘Kai’ to her desktop, now full around the edges with post-its]

Researcher 2: Here, I thought this might help.

[Hands researcher 1 Ultimate Baby Name Book from her desk drawer]

Researcher 1: Oh, these are not baby names.

Researcher 2: Oh, what are they?

Researcher 1: These are patients that I've helped so far with my research.

Researcher 2: Oh!.

Voiceover: Every year, researchers make a difference to people's lives. You, too, can shape
the future of health and care. Add research to your career today.