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Blood and Transplant Research Units - Round 2 Minutes


Minutes of the funding committee meeting for round 2 of Blood and Transplant Research Units (BRTU) funding.

Date and Location

Wednesday 14 July 2021 via online video meeting

In attendance


Professor David Newby - Chair
Dr Janet Birchall 
Professor Paul Browne
Professor Jeannie Callum
Dr Siân Griffin
Mr Phillip Hurst
Dr Richard Schäfer
Professor Marc Turner
Professor Johanna van der Bom
Mrs Lilu Wheeler
Professor Stephen Wigmore 


Mr Raj Flora
Mr Tom Hutchinson
Ms Fiona Giles
Ms Batool Raza
Mrs Haydee Garcia
Mr Umesh Shah


Dr Ursula Wells - Department of Health & Social Care 
Mr Michael Gallagher - Department of Health & Social Care
Mr Jonathan Graves - Department of Health & Social Care
Dr Jasmine Parkinson - Department of Health & Social Care
Dr Gail Miflin - NHS Blood & Transplant
Dr Rachel Johnson - NHS Blood & Transplant
Ms Oluwayomi Adegbaju - NHS Blood & Transplant

Applications considered

NIHR203336: TRAINING: Transfusion and Transplantation Infectious Diseases – Genomic detection
Lead Applicant: Professor Alan McNally
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Rejected

NIHR203338: Genomic Revolutions in Donation Screening and Safety (GRiDSS)
Lead Applicant: Professor Peter Simmonds
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Recommended for funding

NIHR203334: A data-enabled programme of research to improve transfusion practices
Lead Applicant: Professor Simon J Stanworth
Conflicts: Professor Jeannie Callum
Outcome: Recommended for funding

NIHR203337: Donor Health and Behaviour
Lead Applicant: Professor Emanuele Di Angelantonio
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Recommended for funding

NIHR203339: Precision Transplant and Cellular Therapeutics
Lead Applicant: Professor Ronjon Chakraverty
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Recommended for funding

NIHR203340: Imperial-King's NIHR BTRU in Therapeutics
Lead Applicant: Professor Anastasios Karadimitris
Conflicts: Dr Richard Schaefer
Outcome: Rejected 

NIHR203342: UCL/Manchester/NHSBT BTRU in Stem Cells and Immunotherapy
Lead Applicant: Dr Claire Roddie
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Rejected 

NIHR203332: Blood and Transplant Research Unit in Organ Donation and Transplantation
Lead Applicant: Professor Michael Nicholson
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Recommended for funding

NIHR203333: NIHR Transplant Research Unit at King's College London and Birmingham University
Lead Applicant: Professor Alberto Sanchez Fueyo
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Rejected

NIHR203335: Holistic Research Unit on Organ Donation and Transplantation at Imperial College (HRUoDaT)
Lead Applicant: Professor Vassilios Papalois
Conflicts: None
Outcome: Rejected

NIHR203341: The UCL/Oxford/ NHSBT Blood and Transplant Research Unit (BTRU)
Lead Applicant: Professor Brian Davidson
Conflicts: Mrs Lilu Wheeler
Outcome: Rejected

Outcomes table

Funding committees score applications on a range of 1-10. This table displays the number of applications awarded each score. The fundable range is 8-10, however a maximum of 5 applications could be recommended for funding, one in each published Priority Area.

ScoreRange No of applications
9.0-10.0 Fundable 1
8.0-8.9 Fundable 4
7.0-7.9 Potentially fundable 1
6.0-6.9 Potentially fundable 4
5.0-5.9 Potentially fundable 0
4.0-4.9 Not fundable 1
3.0-3.9 Not fundable 0
2.0-2.9 Not fundable 0
1.0-1.9 Not fundable 0