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Case studies and videos: Delivering research beyond the hospital clinic


Published: 31 January 2024

Version: 1

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This collection of case studies and videos demonstrates how we are helping to plan and deliver clinical research beyond hospital clinics and into care homes, GP surgeries, community pharmacies and many other community settings. 

Research in primary care

  • Case study: Trailblazer GP, Rebecca Clark, showcases the potential of primary care for commercial research
    Dr Rebecca Clark is a trailblazer when it comes to delivering commercial research, delivering over 50 clinical trials at her GP practice in Blackpool. Rebecca is passionate about making research accessible to her patients and also demonstrating the unique benefits GP sites can offer commercial research.
  • Webinar: Primary care sites - A new avenue for clinical research
    The primary care setting offers huge potential for commercial research but tapping into that potential requires an understanding of the different approaches required. This webinar explores some of the common challenges faced by companies when initiating research in this setting.

Research in care homes

Research in community pharmacies

Research in the wider community and the home