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Development of a device for easier, cleaner and more reliable urine sample collection

Forte Medical Ltd collaborated with the NIHR to develop a usability study for their urine sample collection device, Peezy™

Published: 01 October 2019

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The NIHR has a wide range of support that is available for MedTech companies including funding to do research, access to expertise and facilities, and support to set up and run studies in the NHS and UK care system. Forte Medical Ltd collaborated with the NIHR Trauma MedTech Co-operative on a usability study for the Peezy™ Mid-Stream Urine device – an easier, cleaner and more reliable urine sample collection. 

The problem

Urine analysis is a popular diagnostic tool in the detection and monitoring of numerous illnesses. Traditional urine collection procedures consist of a patient depositing their urine in a receptacle, the act of which is often described by individuals as ‘messy’ and ‘embarrassing’, especially when trying to capture a midstream sample. Urine can easily reach the outside of receptacles, which can be deemed as unhygienic and in turn increases patients’ levels of embarrassment.

Urine samples often have to be repeated due to contamination, usually stemming from the difficultly some patients experience in collecting midstream urine, and via the act of handling and decanting the sample. Tainted samples waste money, can lead to incorrect diagnosis and a delay in patients receiving the correct treatment.

The solution

The NIHR Trauma Management MedTech Co-operative (NIHR Trauma MIC) collaborated with Forte Medical Ltd on a usability study for the Peezy™ Mid-Stream Urine (MSU) device, which offers a solution to this problem.

The Peezy™ Mid-Stream Urine (MSU) device reliably and easily collects a clean midstream urine sample into either a lab-friendly 10ml primary tube or a 30ml universal container.

The device is the only urine collection method which meets Public Health England UK Standards for Microbiology Collection of Urine.

NIHR support

The Trauma MIC facilitated a usability study by:

  • Recruiting 17 healthy volunteer participants, ensuring to obtain a good age range and a relatively equal gender balance
  • Conducting and overseeing the study
  • Creating a comprehensive volunteer feedback survey
  • Carrying out data analysis and compiling a post study report for Forte Medical Ltd

The results

Forte Medical Ltd has circulated the device to multiple NHS Trusts for evaluation and trial. One Trust reported an interim result of contamination reduction from 20% down to 5%.

An evaluation involving nursing staff at North Manchester General Hospital confirmed the promoted benefits of the device:

Peezy Midstream saves a lot of time and resource not to mention hygiene and dignity for patients, which they really like. For staff, it meant not having to clean the patient toilet during clinic, which was a first.
- Patrick Daly, Generic Support Worker, OPD, North Manchester General Hospital

A Quality Improvement Audit conducted at Barts & The Royal London NHS Trust found the device collected a better specimen, with fewer repeats, in an efficient and hygienic manner. A reduction of mixed growth from 17% down to 1.5% was noted.

The Peezy™ system also has many benefits pertaining to antenatal care. Antenatal urine screening can help to identify numerous conditions ranging from pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, group B strep, and kidney infections. The device allows for the collection of samples, for such screenings, to be facilitated in an easier, hygienic, and more dignified manner.

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