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Clinical benchmarking for CL appointments



Clinical benchmarking guidance for Clinical Lectureship appointments where the applicant does not currently hold an NTN or NTN(A) in the associated Specialty


This document refers to the appointment of doctors to all Clinical Lectureship (CL) posts, including NIHR-funded CLs and those that are locally funded.

UK and EU trainees must already be in specialty training in order to be eligible for a CL. This requirement does not apply to non-UK, non-EU applicants. These constitute a small number and currently they are benchmarked against the specialty person specifications by the appointing university panel.

The intention of this proposal is to formalise a more robust clinical benchmarking process for prospective non-UK, non-EU applicants to CL posts.

A. Benchmarking Process

Applicants must be benchmarked clinically against the appropriate national person specifications for entering clinical training in the relevant specialty before appointment to the ACL post either by:

1. An application and interview at the usual entry point into the specialty concerned.

Or, in exceptional circumstances:

2. If the above is not feasible, then at the discretion of the local Postgraduate Dean, a special panel may be convened to clinically benchmark the applicant. This will be separate to any academically focussed university interview(s). It may however be feasible for this to take place on the same day to minimise the impact on the applicant.

B. Constitution of Panel

The panel should consist of:

1. Representatives nominated by the Postgraduate Dean. These will usually be the Head of School and the specialty Training Programme Director (TPD).

2. A lay member

3. A senior educator from a different deanery/local HEE office footprint, with recent experience in national selection, nominated by the Chair of the Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC), or equivalent.

4. Any other clinician necessary to ensure a robust process, equivalent to, and replicating that used in, national recruitment.

C. Assessment Process

This should be against the national person specification (PS) for entry into the specialty. In many cases there will be no agreed PS for anything other than the usual entry point into the specialty, and if so, this should be used.

If the panel as described above cannot be constituted for any reason, then benchmarking must be through the relevant national selection process.

D. Administration

National or local benchmarking will be coordinated by the recruitment team in the local deanery/HEE office, in partnership with the local medical school academic training office, and the relevant national recruitment team.

E. Funding

The Postgraduate Dean will need to judge that the costs associated with constituting a local panel are fully justified, through clear evidence of an outstanding academic application that could not otherwise be benchmarked through national recruitment. These will be met by the partnership from within allocated NIHR administration and management funding.