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Funder Resource: Text for grant applications




We recommend that the following text is included in your grant application forms or guidance. The purpose of this statement is to:

  • Encourage researchers to access the NIHR Study Support Service as early as possible in the development of their study. This will enable us to support delivery of the studies you fund to the agreed timelines and study recruitment targets.
  • Signpost grant applicants to the NIHR Study Support Service to access available services.
  • Provide Funders with information on the level of advice and support to be sought from the NIHR Study Support Service by the applicant when developing a funding proposal
  • Provide the funders with a named contact at the NIHR Clinical Research Network should they require further information on our interactions with the researcher to date.

Suggested text

The suggested text is:

[Organisation name] is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non-commercial Partner. This means the studies that we fund may be eligible to access the NIHR Study Support Service which is provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network supports researchers and the life sciences industry to plan, setup and deliver high quality research to agreed timescales and study recruitment targets, for the benefit of patients and the NHS. This includes relevant research in public health and social care in England.

In partnership with your local R&D office, we encourage you to involve your local Clinical Research Network team in discussions as early as possible when planning your study. This will allow you to fully benefit from the support available through the NIHR Study Support Service. To find out more about how you can apply for this additional support to help deliver your study, please visit


Have you contacted the NIHR Clinical Research Network to see how they can help to support the delivery of your study?

  • If yes, please specify who you have contacted (please provide contact name and email address).
  • If no, please contact to be put in touch with someone who can provide further information on the support that the NIHR Clinical Research Network offers through the NIHR Study Support Service. Alternatively, please visit