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HS&DR Funding Committee Outcomes September 2018



HS&DR Board – Decisions from the 19th and 20th September 2018 meeting
Stage 2 Proposals
The following stage 2 proposals have been recommended for funding subject to certain conditions.
Project Reference Applicant Institution Project Title
17/99 Standard Researcher-led proposals (two stage) 
17/99/85 Professor Jane Sandall King's College London Strengthening the Implementation and Operationalisation of ‘Open Disclosure’ with Women and Families after Unexpected Harm in NHS Maternity Care  
17/99/19 Dr Katie Harron UCL Institute of Child Health Evaluating the real-world implementation of the Family Nurse Partnership: a data linkage study
17/99/34 Professor Gavin Perkins Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Termination of resuscitation by paramedics
17/99/72 Dr Alex Bottle Imperial College London What happens between first symptoms and first acute exacerbation of COPD? Mapping and prediction study
17/99/89 Professor Ken Stein University of Exeter Use of simulation and machine learning to identify key levers for maximising the disability benefit of intravenous thrombolysis in acute stroke pathways
17/100 Researcher-led Evidence synthesis call (one stage, straight-to-stage two)
127281 Professor John Baker University of Leeds Establishing components of interventions to reduce restrictive practices with children and young people: an evidence synthesis
127257 Associate Professor Adam Gordon The University of Nottingham Engaging General Practitioners in Service Development and Quality Improvement in Care Homes: a Realist Synthesis of the Published Evidence
18/01/01 Professor Gunn Grande Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Addressing psychological morbidity in informal carers at the end of life: evidence synthesis and stakeholder consultation to produce tailored, evidence-based information and priorities
18/01/06 Dr Simon Fletcher Kingston University Understanding key mechanisms of leading successful integrated team-based services in health and social care: A realist synthesis
17/03 – Researcher-led (straight to stage two) 
18/03/02 Professor Helen Snooks Swansea University STRETCHED: STRategies to manage Emergency ambulance Telephone Callers with sustained high needs - an Evaluation using linked Data
Commissioned call: 17/105 – Perinatal mental health services
17/105/14 Professor Stefan Priebe East London NHS Foundation Trust Accessibility and acceptability of perinatal mental health services for women from Ethnic Minority groups (PAAM)
17/49/38 Professor Louise Howard King's College London ESMI-II: The Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of community perinatal Mental health servIces
17/105/16 Professor Susan Ayers City, University of London Methods of assessing perinatal anxiety (MAP): The acceptability, effectiveness and feasibility of different approaches
Commissioned call: 17/108 - Health and social care services support for transition of Looked After children and Young people (LAYP) leaving care
17/108/06 Professor Geraldine Macdonald University of Bristol Promoting good health in Care Leavers through training for Personal Advisors